We provide personalized advising and support as individuals or families navigate the myriad of choices in senior care and housing in the Tucson area. We will meet with you and any interested family or friends to assess your needs and desires, explain the options available to you, and if you like, we will arrange visits to facilities that interest you and meet you there to introduce you.

We prefer to do this in person but if time or location makes that impossible for you it can be done over the phone, a skype interview or any way you would feel comfortable doing it.

This service is free to you and your family. We are paid for this service by the facility you move into-but only if you stay for thirty days or more.

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"Cody was at my side through my mother’s move from her home in California into hospice care in my apartment in Seattle and right through until my mother’s end of life. Her compassionate and respectful ways made my 5 precious months with my mother one of the best and meaningful experiences of my life."

-Judith R, Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How quickly can you arrange a visit with me/us?

We offer same day personal service in most cases.


2. How long does the process take?

It depends on the immediacy of your needs. We can most often get a same-day visit to a facility if that is needed.


3. What if I am in a hospital and can’t go home?

We will meet you and your family or support team there and arrange placement from there. Any time, day or night.